The James A. Burns, C.S.C., Graduate School Award

Nominations Due

Nominations for Commencement 2017 awards will be solicited this fall.

Description of the Award

The James A. Burns, C.S.C., Graduate School Award is given annually to a faculty member for distinction in graduate teaching or other exemplary contribution to graduate education. The recipient will receive a citation and a cash prize.

For a list of past winners, see our past winners page.

Eligibility Criteria

A nominee should be a tenured member of the faculty in the College of Arts and Letters, the College of Engineering, or the College of Science.

The Burns Award is primarily to recognize outstanding contributions to the formation of graduate students or graduate programs. Contributions to graduate education include any or all of the following: Building or developing a graduate program, outstanding teaching in graduate courses, excellence as an adviser or thesis director, securing training grants (e.g., from DOE, NIH, NSF) to fund graduate students, and excellence in service as a director of graduate studies or in any other similar position.

A separate award that concentrates specifically on faculty research is offered through the Office of Research.

The award winner must be able to attend the Graduate School’s Awards Dinner on Friday, May 19, 2017 and the Graduate School’s Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, May 20, 2017.

Nomination Procedure

All nominations should be submitted by the Director of Graduate Studies or the Department Chair. That person will be responsible for collating all the documentation and forwarding the nomination packet (either email attachment or paper copy) to Susan Miller in the Graduate School (502 Main Building; 1-8052). Nomination packets should include:

  • A letter of nomination (signed by the departmental chair or DGS)
    Note: Nominators of faculty whose scholarship may not be measured in traditional ways should articulate the factors to which selection committee members should pay special attention as they evaluate the nominations.
  • The nominee’s curriculum vitae.
  • A minimum of four letters of support (and a maximum of six); two letters should come from students and two from faculty. Do not include TCEs.
  • A list of past advisees and their placements.
  • A list of current advisees.

Selection Committee

The selection committee will consist of three recent Burns Award winners and the Dean of the Graduate School or a designate.