Society of Schmitt Fellows - 2007

Adam Knaack

Undergraduate Institution: Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Undergraduate Degree & Year: Civil Engineering, 2007
Current Academic Program: Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences
Specific Research Area: Replacement of natural aggregate with recycled concrete aggregate for new building construction
Advisor: Dr. Yahya Kurama
Why did you choose Notre Dame: I really enjoyed the department and felt like I was wanted. The department is small enough to provide a comforting atmosphere but diverse enough to provide ample opportunities.

Joshua Lioi

Undergraduate Institution: Clemson University
Undergraduate Degree & Year: BS in Mathematics, 2007
Current Academic Program: Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics
Specific Research Area: Modeling and simulation of blood clotting
Advisor: Dr. Mark Alber
Why did you choose Notre Dame: When I visitied, it seemed that the professors really cared about the success of their students.