Voll Family Presidential Fellowships in Humanities and Social Sciences

The Bernard J. and Helen Holland Voll Presidential Fellowship supports top students in the humanities and social sciences. Voll Fellows receive full tuition and stipends of $26,500 on a 12-month basis for five years, as well as the full cost of the University’s health insurance premium.


Meet a Voll Family Presidential Fellow:

Elizabeth Antus

Elizabeth Antus is studying systematic theology—specifically, theological anthropology—under the direction of Prof. Mary Catherine Hilkert of Notre Dame’s Department of Theology. Elizabeth attended the University of Virginia as an undergraduate, then received her master’s in theology from Notre Dame.

“As a master’s student, I traveled to Poland with Rabbi Signer and several doctoral students on a Jewish-Christian dialogue trip. One of the goals of our trip was to see what understanding Catholics and Jews could arrive at, particularly in light of the Shoah.”

Elizabeth says she chose to continue her doctoral studies at Notre Dame because of the University’s "outstanding faculty and the supportive community here of friends and colleagues.”