Graduate Student Life at Notre Dame

Notre Dame graduate students describe aspects of their experience outside the labs and classrooms—from housing to recreation, community, service, and more.

Catholic Character of the Notre Dame Graduate School

Notre Dame graduate students and faculty talk about their experiences on campus among students of a wide variety of religious backgrounds.

Graduate Faculty and Student Relationship at Notre Dame

Notre Dame graduate students are valued members of our research community and enjoy world-class mentoring by professors and collegiality with fellow students.

Graduate International Exchange Opportunities at Notre Dame

Graduate students and faculty discuss the myriad opportunities for cultural exchange and international studies and research taking place at Notre Dame.


Today Show: Top cities to find the best home

Today Show: South Bend is the best city in the nation to find value, stability and rising prices in a home while living in a community with anticipated job growth, according to a real estate expert interviewed Jan. 5 on NBC-TV’s Today Show. (January 2010)