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Welcome to the Graduate School at the University of Notre Dame, home to more than 2,200 students pursuing advanced degrees in engineering, humanities, sciences and social sciences. We invite you to explore all that the Graduate School at Notre Dame has to offer.

Strong Financial Support

Approximately 97 percent of students in the Graduate School receive full-tuition scholarships. Among doctoral students, 94 percent receive multi-year assistantships and fellowships, starting from $19,500 for nine months, depending on the academic program. Additional funding, including additional select fellowships offering up to $37,000, health insurance stipends and additional grants, combined with a low cost of living index enable you to live your life while you focus your efforts on your academic program. Learn more.

Academic Excellence

Notre Dame’s vibrant academic community, led by its world-class faculty, fosters a strong environment for you to continue your studies. Over the last 14 years, our faculty have won more National Endowment for the Humanities fellowships (49) than any other school in the country. Our research expenditures have grown rapidly over the past few years, and our science programs enjoy state of the art facilities to assist in conducting their research. Recent graduates have gone on to become faculty at leading universities around the world, while others have gone into the professional world with companies such as Boeing, IBM, ExxonMobil, Eli Lilly & Company and DuPont. Learn more.

Graduate Student Life

Continuing your studies at Notre Dame makes you a part of a vibrant community, from the faculty and students within your program, to your fellow graduate students across campus, to the greater South Bend community at large. South Bend provides many of the amenities of a large city but in a community small enough to quickly feel comfortable. A number of recreational, cultural and spiritual organizations and opportunities are available for you to explore the area. Additionally, Notre Dame and South Bend enjoy close proximity to Chicago and all of the opportunities that the nation’s third-largest city has to offer. Learn more.

Professional Development

In addition to your work within your program, we believe in promoting our students’ professional development, enabling them to enter their careers – whether in academia, the private sector, government or non-governmental organizations – fully prepared and with confidence. To that end, a variety of events, centered around the four core components of Research, Teaching, Ethics and Career, will enable you develop all of your skills to your greatest potential. Learn more.

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