Departments and Programs - Old

The University of Notre Dame offers post-baccalaureate degrees in four divisions and the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE). Advanced degrees in law and business are administered separately by the School of Architecture, Law School and Mendoza College of Business, respectively. Similarly, the Engineering, Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Excellence Master’s Program (ESTEEM) is administered by the colleges of business, engineering, and science.

Only master’s degrees are offered in ACE; Art, Art History, and Design; Creative Writing; Early Christian Studies; and Romance Languages and Literatures. All other departments and programs offer the Ph.D. degree, and with the exception of Peace Studies and Theology, admit students primarily to their doctoral programs, even though master’s degrees may be earned on the way to the Ph.D.


Special Interests

Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies


The Division of Engineering

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering — Ph.D., M.E.M.E.
Bioengineering — Ph.D.
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering — Ph.D.
Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences — Ph.D.
Computer Science and Engineering — Ph.D.
Electrical Engineering — Ph.D.
Engineering, Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Excellence Master’s Program — M.S.*


The Division of Humanities

Art, Art History, and Design — M.A., M.F.A.
Classics — M.A.
Creative Writing — M.F.A.
Early Christian Studies — M.A.
English — Ph.D.
History — Ph.D.
History and Philosophy of Science — Ph.D.
Ph.D. in Literature — Ph.D.
Medieval Studies — Ph.D.
Philosophy — Ph.D.
Romance Languages and Literatures — M.A.
Theology — Ph.D.
Theology — M.A.
Theology — M.Div.
Theology — M.S.M.
Theology — M.T.S.


The Division of Science

Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics — Ph.D
Biological Sciences — Ph.D.
Chemistry and Biochemistry — Ph.D.
Engineering, Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Excellence Master’s Program — M.S.*
Master of Science in Global Health — M.S.
Mathematics — Ph.D.
Physics — Ph.D.


The Division of Social Sciences

Economics — Ph.D.
Peace Studies — Ph.D., M.A.
Political Science — Ph.D.
Psychology — Ph.D.
Sociology — Ph.D.


Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE)

Education — M.A., M.Ed. (ACE participants only)


Special Programs

Law and Engineering — M.Eng./J.D.
Medicine and Doctor of Philosophy — M.D./Ph.D.


* Admissions assistance provided by the Graduate School