Professional Degrees

Professional Master’s Programs

Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE)

The Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) provides professional, graduate-level preparation in education that enables participants to make a deep and profound difference in the lives of the children they serve. The ACE M.Ed. intensively prepares teachers by integrating graduate-level coursework with an immersion teaching experience. Throughout their two years teaching in under-resourced Catholic schools, ACE teachers earn a cost-free Master of Education degree. Upon graduation, they are eligible for state licensure as a teacher. The ACE M.A. degree in Educational Administration integrates graduate-level coursework with an administrative internship experience, thus enabling potential leaders to work toward state certification and licensure for service as school principals while teaching and helping to lead a Catholic school. Learn More


The School of Architecture offers three different paths for graduate study—with the choice dependent on a student’s undergraduate training and career goals. All three paths emphasize traditional and classical design—the timely and timeless principles that encourage beauty, community, and sustainability. Using both cutting-edge technology and time-tested techniques that were a necessary part of sustainable building before the Industrial Revolution, the School of Architecture has established itself as a leader in the modern green movement. Learn More

Global Affairs

The Keough School of Global Affairs offers a two-year professional Master in Global Affairs degree to prepare students to become highly skilled, effective and ethical leaders in governments; nongovernmental organizations; and the private sector. Students choose a program of study in which they acquire deep knowledge and strengthen analytical and practical skills in Global Affairs, International Peace Studies, or Sustainable Development. All students engage in Integration Labs, in which they develop sustained partnerships with leading global organizations, practitioners, and policymakers, and spend several months working in the field to develop integrated solutions for global challenges. Learn More

Professional Science and Engineering Master’s Programs

Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics (ACMS)

The University of Notre Dame’s Department of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics (ACMS) offers students with a strong education in mathematics or statistics the opportunity of obtain the Professional Master of Science degree in ACMS with a specialty in computational finance. This intensive one-year program trains students in the mathematical, statistical and computational tools used in finance today. The program will also teach students how to effectively communicate their quantitative results in the corporate environment. Learn More

Data Science (ACMS)

Notre Dame’s Data Science program is offered by the Department of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics (ACMS), with the participation of faculty from the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, the Department of Psychology, and the Mendoza College of Business. The program delivers academic excellence in a convenient online format optimized for learning complex quantitative material. It features small, live classes taught by Notre Dame faculty, in-person exclusive immersion weekends, and the personal attention to student success for which Notre Dame is known. Learn More

Engineering, Science, and Technology Entrepreneurship Excellence (ESTEEM)

The University of Notre Dame Engineering, Science, and Technology Entrepreneurship Excellence Program (ESTEEM) offers the opportunity for students with a bachelor’s degree in science or engineering to obtain a Master of Science in Engineering, Science, and Technology Entrepreneurship in just one year. The objective of the program is to provide students with the business skills necessary to translate inventions into commercial ventures — all while strengthening students’ science and/or engineering skills. Learn More

Global Health

Notre Dame’s Eck Institute for Global Health has launched a Master of Science in Global Health degree program. The program provides science-centric training which allows students to make connections between classroom training and the real health needs of the world’s poor and underserved through hands-on experience. More importantly, beyond recognizing the burden of disease, students are prepared to make a positive contribution to alleviating this burden, through research, training or service. Learn More