Calendar: Professional Development

Professional Development

Graduate professional development at Notre Dame is focused on four core components: Career Development and Placement, Ethics, Research, and Teaching. The calendar below shows the composite schedule for all currently scheduled professional development events. We encourage students and postdocs to subscribe to either the full calendar or component-specific calendars to stay abreast of future offerings. Please see below for instructions on synchronizing the professional development calendars to your own preferred client.

To register for events please go to the Event Registration Form.

If you have questions about the listed events, or would like to suggest an event, please contact Professional Development.

Note: The professional development calendars focus primarily on academic and career-oriented workshops and events. For social events geared toward graduate students, we invite you to visit the Graduate Student Union’s social calendar. For social events geared toward postdocs, a website will be available soon.


Adding Professional Development Events to Your Calendar

If you would like to add professional development events to your calendar, you may follow the guidelines below to subscribe to either the full calendar or to one or more sub-calendars.

Google Calendars

  • Personal Google Calendar (Not part of the ND Apps student package): Click the
    + Google Calendar button at the lower right corner of the embedded calendar above to add one or more of the Professional Development calendars to your own.
  • Google Calendar (ND Apps): Open your Google Calendar, then copy the address of the calendar you wish to synchronize, and paste it into the “Other Calendars / Add a friend’s calendar” box on the lower left sidebar of your calendar page. The available calendar addresses are:
    • Professional Development (composite calendar):
    • Research:
    • Ethics/RCR:
    • Teaching:
    • Career:


Other Popular Calendar Clients (Google Help Articles)

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • iCal or Sunbird
    With both iCal and Sunbird, you’ll need to give the program a calendar URL that will contain the appropriate Google address string listed under Google Calendar (ND Apps), above.
    • iCal:
    • Sunbird:
  • Entourage — Google Calendar does not sync directly with Entourage, so users who wish to sync with Entourage must first sync Google to iCal (see above), and then sync Entourage to iCal.

Popular Mobile Devices (Google Help Articles)