Wear in the World?

Why participate?

Because your research matters, and we want to see where your worldly travels take you as an emerging scholar and a member of the larger global scholarly community.

What do I do?

Just wear your professional development t-shirt at any location in the world, and snap a photo.

Going to Moscow for a research position? Wear your Prof Dev shirt for a photo in Red Square.

Do you have an interview in Mexico? Display your Prof Dev shirt in a selfie with Mayan ruins.

The more exotic the location the better. Show us what is unique about where you are and/or what you do.

What happens when I submit my photo?

When you submit a photo, your submission will be highlighted through our graduate school social media accounts promoting your research and professional development.

You will be eligible to win monthly and end of semester prizes such as gift cards or pizza for you and your friends, but more importantly, get recognition for your travels and contributions.

Just submit your name, location, reason for being there, and your photo using our submission form.

It’s just that simple.

I don’t have a professional development t-shirt?

You can come to our graduate school offices at 502 Main Building to pick one up. Or, if you’re already at your exotic location, just email us and indicate where we can send you a shirt.

We look forward to seeing your photos!

Wear in the World Contest Official Rules (PDF)

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