About the Graduate School

Your research matters℠

At the Graduate School at the University of Notre Dame, this core belief drives our existence. We are here because of the discoveries you will make. We are here because of the innovations you will create. We are here because you will illuminate truth and beauty. We are here because you will advance human understanding of the world in service of the common good.

We are here because of you.

We are deeply invested in your success. We know that our voice is best heard through the impact your research will have. To that end we work in concert with a world-class faculty across a variety of disciplines to develop your expertise. We offer you individualized attention in tutelary departments, all within the context of a broad, robustly-resourced research university. We are renowned worldwide for our academic excellence and we welcome you to the conversation of our vibrant intellectual community.

At the heart of our conviction that your research matters is our belief that providing you with a nourishing environment will best enable your scholastic contributions to shine. Thus we emphasize professional development and holistic well-being, understanding that students who have had these needs met have greater likelihood of academic impact.

Through our outstanding professional development platform, we empower you to follow in the university’s Catholic mission to extend learning towards universal enrichment, furnishing you with resources and guidance as you hone your plan for contributing in the public sphere beyond Notre Dame. At the same time, we understand that your life experience is not purely intellectual and occupational, put physical, emotional, spiritual, and social. We dedicate ourselves to nurturing you in each of these areas.

We recognize that you are a student of your discipline today, but a steward of the discipline tomorrow. We are honored to prepare you as a future academic or professional leader to enter the arena of public discourse on pressing contemporary issues, and to contribute to a life-affirming understanding of our world.