Distinguished Graduate Alumnus Award:
Past Winners

Past winners of the Distinguished Graduate Alumnus Award. For more information on nomination requirements and deadlines, see the award description page.


Year Name (Program)
2017 Augusto de la Torre ’85 Ph.D. (Economics)
2016 Réka Albert ’01 Ph.D. (Physics)
2015 Christopher Roberts (Chemical Engineering)
2014 Kerry Ann Rockquemore ’99 Ph.D. (Sociology)
2013 Richard D. Connell ’89 Ph.D. (Chemistry)
2012 Dr. Thomas Quinn, M.D. ’70 M.Sc. (Biological Sciences)
2011 Timothy Roemer ’85 Ph.D. (Political Science)
2010 Robert Boguslaski ’66 Ph.D. (Chemistry)
2009 Matthew O’Donnell ’76 Ph.D. (Physics)
2008 Michael Collins ’94 MFA (Creative Writing)
2007 Saskia Sassen ’74 Ph.D. (Sociology and Economics)