Society of Schmitt Fellows - 2011

Hannah Babbini

Undergraduate Institution: Northern Arizona University
Undergraduate Degree & Year: BS in Biochemistry, 2009
Current Academic Program: Chemistry & Biochemistry
Specific Research Area: polymer nanocapsules
Advisor: Haifeng Gao
Why did you choose Notre Dame: strong support for married graduate students

Ashley Kulczycki

Undergraduate Institution: Michigan State University
Undergraduate Degree & Year: BS in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in German, 2011
Current Academic Program: Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering
Specific Research Area: Nonlinear control theory with robotic applications
Advisor: Dr. Bill Goodwine
Why did you choose Notre Dame: With a combination of an advisor working on projects that interested me, awesome people in the research group, and guaranteed funding, Notre Dame became the obvious choice.

Ryan Nell

Undergraduate Institution: University of Colorado
Undergraduate Degree & Year: BA in Geological Sciences, 2010
Current Academic Program: Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences
Specific Research Area: Environmental Geochemistry
Advisor: Dr. Jeremy Fein
Why did you choose Notre Dame: I chose ND because of its academic prowess, advisor and analytical facilities available.

Nathan Pierson

Undergraduate Institution: North Central College
Undergraduate Degree & Year: BS in Mathematics, 2011
Current Academic Program: Mathematics
Specific Research Area: Logic, computability theory, reverse mathematics
Advisor: Peter Cholak
Why did you choose Notre Dame?: Great experience visiting and meeting the students, academic reputation