Laura Ortiz Mercado

Laura Ortiz Mercado

Kinesis-Fern√°ndez Richards Family Fellowship
English: PhD
Academic Background:

Current concentration in Early Modern Literature, with graduate minors in both Gender Studies and Screen Culture.

What is your research about?

Early Modern literature, Shakespearean drama, theater performance and staging, witchcraft and supernatural elements in theater, genre theory, gender studies, fan theory, Shakespeare in popular culture.

Do you live on- or off-campus?

Off-campus, by Downtown South Bend

To which Notre Dame clubs and/or research organizations do you belong?
  • Latinx Graduate Association at Notre Dame (LGAND)
  • Graduate LGBTTQ+ Student Society (GlassND)
After you graduate, what are your career aspirations?

Aiming for academia or at least an administration position within an academic environment, but open to both options.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Rock climbing, going to the Farmers' Market, baking, taking my pet bunny to the park, and watching plays and live-streams of the National Live Theater.

How do you practice self-care after a long day at work?

Exercising, spending quality time with my bunny, and just disconnecting from the academia by exploring fan sites/videos.


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