Meet our Recruitment Director

John Lowery, Ph.D.
Program Director, Recruitment Strategies 

John Lowery, Ph.D., Program Director, Recruitment Strategies
John Lowery, Ph.D.,
Program Director, Recruitment Strategies

I was drawn to Notre Dame because of the passion, enthusiasm, and collaboration that forms this community. We are more than a cutting-edge research university that attracts those who want to heal, unify and enlighten through their scholarship; our distinction is our holistic (body, mind and soul) approach that engages the students, faculty and staff. Our family of 10,000 total students allows each one of us to build relationships that will last a lifetime across the miles as we each fulfill our purpose.

Sharing the Notre Dame brand is an exciting part of my role. As I travel to your campus, meet with your peers and faculty, or join ND alumni in your city, I wear the ND logo with humble pride knowing that our research and teaching are making a difference in the world. When people from all walks of life see the familiar Notre Dame logo, they often share a smile or even joyfully bellow “Go Irish!” I am so overjoyed about the inclusive spirit Notre Dame fosters. As Father Jenkins puts it, we are truly diverse: “At our best, we are together a richly woven, colorful fabric, and every person, each with their own background, talents and gifts, is a thread in the larger design.”

Please contact me, via email, phone, or Skype, as I would be honored to share how ND could be your Home under the Dome.

Phone: (574) 631-4694