Spring Syllabuster


Location: ND Room, LaFortune

Assembling a syllabus is hard work involving a number of moving parts—readings, assignments, course calendar, policies, and procedures. As we work to think through the particulars of our courses and fix them on paper for our students, it’s easy to get bogged down in details and lose sight of the arc and argument of the course as a whole. The Spring Syllabuster provides an opportunity for you to talk through your syllabus with an attentive reader so that you can consider the big picture of the course as you articulate it aloud to a colleague. Workshop presenters will briefly provide tips for using your syllabus as an effective tool for communicating with your students. The bulk of the workshop will be spent in paired conversation as participants talk through their syllabuses and offer one another feedback according to guidelines provided. Participants will leave with a clearer view of the big picture of their upcoming courses and cleaner document for expressing the key ideas in their courses.

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