Scholars Take Action at Notre Dame (STAND)

Scholars Take Action at Notre Dame (STAND)
Scholars Take Action at Notre Dame (STAND)

Open to doctoral students across all disciplines, the Scholars Take Action at Notre Dame (STAND) fellowship provides training, resources, and experiential learning to inspire and equip students to infuse their academic work with social purpose.  

Program Details

STAND is intended for doctoral students in good standing and has three components:

  1. A summer course — GRED 60805 (Principles of Social Justice). The course will give you an intellectual framework and lens for social justice concepts.
  2. Leadership Advancing Socially Engaged Research (LASER) – a credit-bearing, interdisciplinary, and experiential program that prepares graduate students for leadership in multiple contexts. LASER uses theory to practice, experiential learning, and community-based projects to frame leadership learning within the context of socially engaged research.
  3. A custom practicum for infusing social justice concepts into your research or teaching activities, or community engagement.


  • Flexible structure – students can participate in as many of the three components as desired
  • Course Credits
  • With completion of all three program elements, students will be officially certified as STAND Fellows

For more information, please contact or download the flyer.