Graduate Resilience Alliance at Notre Dame (GRAND)

Master of Global Affairs Grads
Graduates of the Master of Global Affairs program celebrate the results of their dedication and resilience.

Acclimating to graduate student life can be challenging. Studies have shown the importance of friendships and community for overall well-being and happiness at every stage of life. GRAND (Graduate Resilience Alliance at ND) is a brand-new program designed to familiarize first- and second-year students with graduate life and resources at Notre Dame, and promote connection and social engagement with peers and the larger University community.

With these goals in mind, GRAND hosts monthly panel discussions, lead by experts in graduate education and focused on providing timely information of unique interest to early stage students. In addition to the panels and question-and-answer sessions, senior graduate students with a proven track record of success lead smaller group activities.


If you have questions about the GRAND program, please contact Mimi Beck, Program Director for Graduate Student Life, at or 574-631-1221.