Academic iNDex

Note: The Academic iNDex service will be phased out in fall 2019, and no new accounts are being created.

What is Academic iNDex?

Picture1Academic Index

  • A secure, easily accessible, online repository for Notre Dame graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to store their academic and professional history.
  • A resource for identifying students and postdoctoral scholars who are eligible for specific grant and fellowship opportunities.
  • A tool to quickly create personal CVs, resumes, lists of publications or presentations, and more.

Why should you use it?

  • You will automatically be notified when you’re eligible for grants and fellowships based on the info you enter in the system.
  • You can make a CV or convert your CV to a resume in addition to many other outputs like lists of publications, presentations, awards, and research experience.
  • You can record your academic and professional development in one place, including grants, biographical sketches, presentations, publications, awards, and much more.

Click here to access Academic iNDex

User Guide

Please consult the Academic iNDex user guides.