Student Spotlight: Matthew Prygoski, Ph.D. Candidate in Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering

Author: Mary Hendriksen

Matt became interested in biomechanical engineering and orthopedics during his undergraduate career at Notre Dame. He had the opportunity to work on several undergraduate research projects that involved the design of novel orthopedic devices. An internship with the orthopedic implant company, Zimmer, Inc., allowed him to continue exploring the field of orthopedics.

Matt Prygoski

Matt says: “The decision to stay at Notre Dame for graduate school was an easy one. My advisor is Prof. Steven Schmid, with whom I am working on developing and analyzing a new method for bone-fracture fixation in conjunction with Zimmer. So far, my Ph.D. work has involved finite element modeling, mechanical testing, and prototype development. I have benefited from the faculty’s strong background in both mechanical engineering and biological issues.”

Matt has also enjoyed his time outside of academics. “Notre Dame has an excellent club sports program, and I have been involved with the cycling club for my entire time at the University.”

Matt adds: “I am confident that my experiences in graduate school at Notre Dame will help me in either an industry or academic career after graduation.”