CRC Award for Computational Sciences and Visualization

Nominations Due

2022 Award Nominations will be opened in the coming months.

Description of the Award

This award recognizes outstanding contributions in the areas of computational sciences and visualization. Such contributions may include, but are not limited to: 1) applications of high performance computation and/or visualization technology; 2) development of algorithms, codes, software environments or other tools for better using high performance computing and/or visualization. The nominated work need not have been done using CRC hardware or software. Up to three awards may be presented.

See a list of past CRC Award winners.


This award is open to all current students seeking an advanced degree, as well as to recent graduates.

Nomination Procedure

Award nominations should be accompanied by:

  1. the student’s curriculum vitae;
  2. a one-page statement from the student summarizing the nominated work;
  3. a letter from the student’s graduate research adviser that clearly explains:
    • the intellectual significance of the work in the context of the student’s discipline
    • which parts of the work were done individually by the student and
    • the (potential) broader impact of the work on society at large;
  4. and the URL of a Web page at which additional details or supplementary information concerning the work is presented. Nominations will be judged on the quality and impact of the student’s work and not on any aspects of the design of the requested Web page.

Please also provide the following information:

  • The nominee’s mailing (and e-mail) address and phone number;
  • The nominator’s name, e-mail address and phone number;
  • Refereed and non-refereed publications should be clearly identified in the curricula vitae. Please do not include copies of publications (these may be posted on the requested web page).

Nominations should be submitted to the CRC Award Nominations page. If you have questions about this award, please contact