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This is the repository for logos, templates, and other resources for members the graduate Professional Development team. Please bookmark this page; it will not be linked anywhere on the Graduate School website.


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The Checklist and the Roadmap

On Message

The University has put together the website to promote a coherent look and feel across marketing and publications, including: “official” color schemes, fonts, graphic elements, general information for co-branding your materials, a recommended style sheet, and more. Feel free to explore and download — we will repost some resources here for ease of access, but the On Message website is a great resource for staff, faculty, or student organization representatives who are involved in campus communications efforts.


These logos are for official use only, and require a staff/faculty NetID to download. If you are a representative of a student organization that works closely with Professional Development, such as the GSU, please let Shari Hill know if you have trouble accessing one of the files. You may need to be added to a permissions list.

The logos below have been created and approved by University Communications for use with the Professional Development events. In all instances, the Professional Development mark should be used in conjunction with the Graduate School academic mark.

Note: We would prefer that you use the Graduate School academic mark (below) and NOT the monogram, as monogram tends to carry more of an undergraduate/athletics connotation. Do not use the University seal on your marketing materials; that should be reserved for official publications, award certificates, etc. at the presidential or dean’s office level.

Professional Development

Each of the five logo styles have their own individual compressed folder below. Each folder contains the mark in four different color uses (grayscale, full color, reverse (for use on dark background) and spot color) with four different file types.

Graduate School



Each of the ZIP files below contains three different templates for posters: 8.5×11, 8.5×14 and 11×17. All templates are created in MS Publisher.

Powerpoint Presentations

Table Tents

  • Version 1
  • Version 2



Team Meeting Minutes