Ethics & RCR Training

Graduate student ethics training at Notre Dame is provided through collaboration with departments and colleges, and is designed to enable students to examine cross-cutting ethical issues across the academy as well as within their own particular domain. Training includes guidance about compliance standards. By presenting relevant topics in a student’s field of study, the opportunities will engage them in discussions of professional and societal ethics and prepare them for real-world discourse and practice.

Responsible Conduct of Research
The responsible and ethical conduct of research is critical for excellence, as well as public trust, in social science, science and engineering, and is considered essential to the preparation of future scientists and engineers. The University of Notre Dame is committed to creating an environment that promotes responsible conduct in research and fosters integrity within the research community.

Courses and Seminars
Graduate students can select from a variety of courses and seminars which include an ethical perspective, some of which can be taken for credit.

Throughout the year, various lectures on ethical topics are sponsored throughout the University.

Conferences and Institutes that focus on ethics are held each year in campus. Graduate students are able to attend, and in some cases assist in planning, these events.

Environment where students learn about ethical issues pertaining to responsible conduct of research, professional conduct, and engagement with the public, and other worldly matters and current events.

The Professional Development Team presents a variety of workshops that touch on ethics in the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Workshops on specific topics are available by request.

Training and Immersion
Graduate students participate in programs where they are immersed within a community, and are also expected to complete ethics training prior to graduation.

Through internships, fellowships, and grants students are able to engage their interest within an ethical framework.

Opportunities to teach or facilitate topics in ethics-related courses and workshops are available, and include college courses or pre-college workshops for high school students.

Community Engagement

Many of the programs offered throughout campus allow students to hone their leadership skills through providing guidance to participants in the many workshops, lectures, seminars, and conferences offered throughout the University.

For those with an interest in ethics, students have the opportunity to study ethical development as one’s scholarship through various departments. Information on these opportunities are available by request.

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Ethics Cafe

Join others from around the campus community in discussions about professional and societal ethics. Sessions are typically held three times per semester on a wide variety of topics.


Ethics Workshop

Beginning with those students matriculating in 2011 or later, attendance and participation in a three-hour ethics workshop is required of all Ph.D. students. Any graduate student working on a government-funded grant also must satisfy this requirement. For further details or to register for the workshop, see the Ethics and RCR Workshop page.


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