Arts and Letters Fellowship Summer Program

July 16th-August 20th 2012: 2-4PM
Pasquerilla Center 112
The Graduate School, University of Notre Dame
Dr. Gretchen Busl, Associate Program Director of Grants and Fellowships

Students enrolled in this program will be expected to identify and apply for grant and fellowship opportunities appropriate to their degree stage, under the guidance of the Associate Program Director of Grants and Fellowships. Students will meet weekly, as a group, from mid-July through late August. These meetings will consist of two-hour lab-based workshops and peer review sessions. Students will also meet individually with the Associate Program Director a minimum of once during the summer and once in the fall.

By the end of the program, students will be expected to have completed a polished draft of the application materials required for their respective funding applications. These will include:
For dissertation completion fellowships: 5-6 page proposal, 20 page writing sample, CV
For teaching based fellowships: above, plus teaching portfolio
For research grants: 2-6 page proposal, resource schedule, CV

Students will be introduced to a number of sources for identifying funding opportunities, including those to support archival research, fieldwork, and dissertation completion.


  • 7/16 Introduction: Finding and Applying for External Funding (Annotated PowerPoint Presentation)
    Understanding and Writing for Your Audience
    Assignment: List of opportunities with strategic analysis (PDF)
  • 7/23 Analyzing Models for Success
    Preparing a Writing Sample
    Assignment: First draft of research proposal
  • 7/30 Peer review of 1st proposal
    Supporting materials: CV, Teaching Portfolio, Letters of Recommendation
    Assignment: CV, Teaching Philosophy, Recommendation Request, Personal statement (as needed)
  • 8/6 Peer Review of Supporting Materials
    Q&A with faculty reviewers
    Assignment: Writing Sample or 2nd proposal
  • 8/13 Peer Review of Writing sample or 2nd proposal
    Assignment: Revisions
  • 8/20 Final Peer Review and Wrap-Up

Students will have the option of attending an open lab session with the Associate Program Director on Wednesday afternoons from 3-5pm.