Dissertation and Thesis Submissions

Graduate students who will be submitting a dissertation or research master’s thesis should familiarize themselves with the Graduate School’s formatting requirements and deadlines for submission. Regulations for the appointment of a research director, topic approval, the committee formation, exam and defense arrangements, and more are available in the Graduate Bulletin of Information.

If you have questions regarding the formatting or submission of your dissertation or thesis, please contact the Graduate School’s dissertation editors via the following methods:

  • Questions about the formal submission: contact Shari at shill2@nd.edu or (574) 631-7545
  • Written correspondence, signed title pages (if applicable), and printed ProQuest/UMI forms should be sent to:

Shari Hill Sweet
The Graduate School
502 Main Building
Notre Dame, IN 46556


1. Preparation of a Dissertation or Thesis File

Dissertations and theses submitted to the Graduate School must comply with formatting requirements outlined in:

Recommended Software

The Graduate School provides a Microsoft Word template and a LaTeX class file designed to meet the requirements outlined in the Formatting Guide. While it may be possible to achieve correct formatting in other applications, we are not able to provide support or troubleshooting for other editors at this time.

For templates, example files, and additional resources related to formatting a dissertation or thesis, see the Formatting Resources page.

We strongly recommend the use of citation management software in compiling your bibliography for any research document as complex as a dissertation or thesis. The Hesburgh Library hosts a convenient Citing and Managing Sources guide on their website, and reference librarians are available to assist students with some of the more popular software products.

2. The Formatting Check

When a student submits the dissertation or thesis to the readers, he or she must also submit a review draft of the document in PDF form to the Graduate School. Note: If you do not submit a formatting check by the formatting deadline for the semester in which you plan to submit, we cannot guarantee you will receive comments and required changes in time to meet the formal submission deadline.

How to Submit a Formatting Check File

Students may initiate a formatting check by emailing a dissertation or thesis PDF to dteditor@nd.edu. (Do not copy Shari on these submission emails.) After you email the file to us, please log in to your ND Box account at https://box.nd.edu to initialize your account if you have not yet done so.

Once your dissertation editor has finished the initial review of your file, we will create a formatting check directory for you in Box, and will send a collaboration invitation to your ND email account, so please watch for the invitation. The Box directory will be the hub for your formatting check and file transfers.

What to Expect from Your Formatting Check

The dissertation editor will create a secure folder in the Graduate School’s Box account that will act as your formatting check directory. Both the preliminary PDF you submit for review and the results of the formatting check will be posted here so that either editor can access the notes if you have a question. We may then exchange questions, comments, and updated files directly through Box or through the shared dteditor@nd.edu email account.

Depending on the notification settings you choose for this folder, Box may alert you by email if a Graduate School editor previews, downloads, or comments on an existing file, and when the Graduate School editor uploads a file for your review (such as the formatting check results).


3. Formal Submission of a Dissertation or Thesis

Formal submissions must be completed by 5:00 p.m. on the date of the submission deadline. See the submission checklist for the list of required components.

The dissertation editors will review all components of your submission. Once your review is complete, we will contact you by email if we have questions or notice problems with your ETD, title pages or the advisor sign-off process, forms, or payment. If the issue is not resolved after we contact you, the Graduate School reserves the right to reject a submission and remove the student from the graduation list. If there are no issues with the components of your formal submission, you will receive an email from the CurateND/ETD website stating that the dissertation or thesis has been approved by the Graduate School.

Letter of Completion

If you will be accepting an offer of employment shortly after submitting your formal dissertation or thesis, and your employer requires proof that you’ve met all of your degree requirements prior to receiving your formal diploma, you may request a letter of completion via an email to Maureen Collins at mcollin5@nd.edu. Provide the employer’s contact name and information and the date you hope to begin your employment.

Note: We cannot issue the letter until all of your dissertation/thesis submission components have been reviewed and approved, and your degree audit has been completed. Allow 7-10 business days for completion of this process.


4. Ordering Personal Copies

The Graduate School does not offer binding and shipping for personal D/T copies. This includes any manuscript you wish to have bound into book format for yourself, your friends and family, your adviser, or your department.

As a courtesy to our students, we have assembled a brief PDF (Personal Copies: Using Library Bindings as a Guide) that provides suggestions for binderies to contact, and options to request if you want your personal copies to look like the printed dissertations in the library.