Professional Development

We believe that graduate training is holistic. For this reason, we promote our students’ professional development so that when they assume their careers — whether in academia, the private sector, government, or non-governmental organizations — they do so fully prepared and with confidence.

The University also strongly believes that Postdoctoral researchers and scholars should continue their training in these areas during their time at Notre Dame.

To that end, this section of the website is devoted to various initiatives clustered around the core components of Professional Development:

Notre Dame Graduate School Professional Development Program Vision and Mission Statement

Event Catalog, Upcoming Events and Registration

The professional development Catalog of Recurring Events is a publication for students that serves as a resource guide for all of the workshops offered on a regular basis.

Professional Development Calendar

To view the upcoming events for each component and register for events, see the event page.

If you have suggestions for events, speakers, workshops or other feedback — or would like to announce your receipt of an external grant or fellowship — please contact the professional development team at We would love to hear from you!

Plotting the Course of Your Professional Development

To assist students in tracking their professional development activities, the Graduate School has developed a professional development activities checklist, organized by items to be done early, middle, and late in one’s career, for each of the core components of research, teaching, ethics and career. (Also available as a PDF.)

We have also developed a roadmap (PDF) that highlights the transferrable skills that are acquired in graduate training and illustrates how these skills can be applied across a range of career opportunities.

A version of both the checklist and road map for postdocs will be available soon.

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Professional Development Events and Workshops


Submitted Proposals and Applications

Graduate Students Only: If you have applied for an external grant or fellowship, please let us know!


Graduate Student Orientation

For a copy of the Orientation slide presentation and additional information, visit our newly admitted students page.