AAUW Campus Action Project: Promoting Women Leaders in STEM

Author: Hannah Babbini

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The Graduate School has recently joined forces with campus partners from AWIS-ND, GradSWE, and the Postdoc Women’s Group to submit and win a Campus Action Project Grant from the American Association of University Women (AAUW). AAUW Campus Action Projects harness the collective power of university women to implement meaningful changes on their home campuses. The $4200 AAUW CAP grant awarded to the University of Notre Dame will be used to implement the Women Leaders in STEM initiative (WL-STEM). WL-STEM is a mentoring and professionalization platform that will connect women in STEM to campus resources and each other in order to grow future competitiveness in the STEM job market, especially in leadership positions.

WL-STEM builds on the popular STEMentorship program organized by AWIS-ND in Fall 2015 to match undergraduate mentees with graduate student mentors within AWIS. WL-STEM will expand that model to include female undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral, faculty, and professional staff mentor-mentee pairs across all STEM disciplines. In addition to structured personal meetings and mentorship, participants will also have the opportunity to engage with other members across all levels of the university through networking and targeted outreach and professional development events. WL-STEM will also provide an avenue to connect all Notre Dame scholars with related campus resources to enhance their leadership skills and professional development.

To learn more, please visit the WL-STEM website. If you are interested in becoming a mentor or mentee, please contact us at gradgrants@nd.edu.