Emergency Support

Author: John Lubker

Pregnant & Parenting Student Assistance Fund

Notre Dame’s Pregnant and Parenting Student Assistance Fund (PPSA) manifests the University’s commitment to life by assisting pregnant and parenting students and their families, by easing some of the hidden financial costs that can impose huge financial burdens for students with families living on a budget. Funding for the PPSA is secured by the Office of Life and Human Dignity in the McGrath Institute for Church Life and disbursed through the Office of Student Affairs. Although the fund does not meet the needs of every student-family, it does provide much-needed relief for families encountering a major strain on their finances. In order to attend to those student-families in most need, the PPSA prioritizes financial assistance in the following circumstances, with particular concern for undergraduate students and international students:

  • Pregnancy related expenses beyond what is available through local resources, such as the Women’s Care Center.

  • Childcare in circumstances of extreme need, especially in situations when a spouse is unable to care for children because of a medical condition or in cases when a student is solely responsible for the care of his or her child.

  • One-time emergency expenses affecting the family’s food, transportation, shelter and well-being.

  • Marital counseling in crisis situations for a maximum of 10 sessions or $1,000.

To apply for the PPSA Fund, please email Peggy Hnatusko at mhnatusk@nd.edu. To learn more about services for Notre Dame student families visit frc.nd.edu.

Graduate School Emergency Fund

The Graduate School Emergency Support Fund provides limited assistance for graduate students facing unexpected and urgent financial need resulting from sudden, unforeseen emergencies for which no other source of assistance is available. All full-time, degree-seeking graduate students in good standing are eligible to apply. Examples of emergency needs include but are not limited to natural disasters, fire damage, need for temporary housing, travel emergencies, death in the family, accidents, legal expenses, and safety needs. 

The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will review applications on a rolling basis as received, and make funding decisions following consultation with Financial Aid and the Tax Office. Funds will be disbursed through a direct deposit payment into the student’s bank account. All necessary steps will be taken to protect the privacy of all applicants. For more information and to apply for emergency funds, please email John Lubker at jlubker1@nd.edu.