Engineering Graduate Student José Lugo’s Talk Selected as a TEDx Editor’s Pick

Author: Mary Hendriksen

The TEDx talk of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering graduate student José Lugo has been chosen as an Editor’s Pick.

The talk, Quantifying Design Aesthetics: A Multidisciplinary Story, relates to José’s dissertation, in which he is exploring how to integrate product form preference into engineering design.

“During the product development process,” José explains, “a concept product design with good aesthetic appeal can be negatively altered by changes intended to make the concept design functional. To solve this problem, my research aims to quantify specifically the aesthetics of two-dimensional concept product representations by applying Gestalt principles from the field of Psychology.”

José’s work has the potential to serve as a bridge between designers and engineers — conserving or improving the style of a concept product while leaving freedom for the engineer to make the concept design functional.

José’s dissertation topic grew out of his work with Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Professors Stephen Batill and James Schmiedeler, and Psychology Professor Laura Carlson.

A Fernández Fellow at Notre Dame, José was one of 19 speakers chosen to address the campus community at Notre Dame’s January 21st TEDx event Creating Knowledge Together — one that, its organizers predicted, would “provide a platform for thinkers, visionaries, and teachers to be inspired and to inspire others.”


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