All Graduate Students Urged to Create A COS Profile

Author: Mary Hendriksen


All Notre Dame graduate students—in Engineering, Humanities, Science, and the Social Sciences—are urged to set up a COS profile to gain access to thousands of funding opportunities.

More information is available on the Graduate School’s Professional Development Research page or on the COS website.

As explained there, “COS is the leading global resource for hard-to-find information critical to scientific research and other projects across all disciplines.”

Students can find funding with COS Funding Opportunities by searching “the world’s most comprehensive funding resource, with more than 25,000 records worth over $33 billion.”

They can also “identify experts and collaborators with COS Expertise by searching among 500,000 profiles of researchers from 1,600 institutions throughout the world. Discover who’s doing what — current research activity, funding received, publications, patents, new positions and more.”

Finally, with a COS profile, students can “showcase [their] research and expertise among researchers and scholars from universities, corporations and nonprofits in more than 170 countries. Use convenient tools to keep your CV updated and accessible.”

Any student needing help to complete a profile should contact Melissa Wilde [; (574-631-1704)] in the Graduate School Office.