Research Symposium Winners Announced

Author: Mary Hendriksen

Symposium Winners

On February 27, the Graduate Student Union and Office for Postdoctoral Scholars hosted their annual Graduate Student Union and Office for Postdoctoral Scholars Research Symposium

The symposium provides a scholarly but informal environment for graduate students and postdocs to present their research to the larger campus community.

The winners in each category:

Postdoc Winners

Postdoctoral Scholars


1st place: Aaron Sheppard, Biological Sciences: Light-regulated blood-feeding behavior and a light phase responsive curve for the Anopheles gambiae malaria mosquito

2nd place: Erin K. Grey, Environmental Change Initiative: Forecasting Ship-born Invasive Species


1st place: Jessica Meixner, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences: Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Spectral Wave/Circulation Modeling

2nd place: Haitao Wang, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences: Wet chemical preparation of catalysts layers for growth vertical aligned carbon nanotube arrays

Graduate Student Winners

Graduate Students


1st place: Brian Yoo, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering: Lipid membrane in ionic liquids

2nd place: SM Islam, Electrical Engineering: Towards Efficient 220-270nm Deep-UV Light-Emitting Diodes: Use in Portable Biosensing and Sterlization Units


1st place: Sarah Martin, MFA Visual Communication Design: Bad Things Happen

2nd place: Maria Cecilia Pluta, History: “Speak to them in that Language which they Use”: Slave Catechesis in the Eighteenth-century Spanish Caribbean


1st place: Xu Han, Physics: Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet as a New Tool for Medical Application

2nd place: Matthew Leming: Biological Sciences: Increased light sensitivity under low-light conditions associated with extensive Aaop1 redistribution in Aedes aegypti

Social Sciences

1st place: Tihtina Zenebe Gebre, Economics: Effects of Mother Tongue Education on Schooling and Adult Outcomes: Evidence from Ethiopia

2nd place: Jonathan Schwartz, Sociology: Timmy is Smart & Funny; Sarah is Hardworking & Caring: Reification of Gender Roles in Teacher Recommendations for Selective College Admissions