Graduate Student Life launches new Salmon Tales blog to tell grad student stories in their own words

Author: The Graduate School

Tell Us Your Salmon Tale - Graduate Student LifeTell Us Your Salmon Tale - Graduate Student Life

Notre Dame's Office of Graduate Student Life wants graduate students to have a dynamic forum for telling their own stories about life at Notre Dame.  Their newly launched Salmon Tales blog will initially feature three types of tales: 

  1. "Getting To Know..." posts will give students a chance to briefly introduce themselves to their fellow graduate students. 
  2. "Dome-Cooked Meals" will highlight students' favorite recipes and link to videos of them making their chosen dishes. 
  3. "Salmon Tales" will be longer-form feature stories where graduate students can detail experiences that have truly shaped their time at Notre Dame.

Graduate students can send in their stories on the Tell Your Salmon Tale section of the blog.  For questions, feel free to contact Graduate Student Life at