NSF Grant Provides Next Step for Assistive Walking Exoskeletons

Author: The Graduate School

Anne Martin, '14 Ph.D., works to optimize exoskeleton support for walking assistance.Anne Martin, '14 Ph.D., works to optimize exoskeleton support for walking assistance.

Anne Martin, Ph.D. '14, was the 2014 Eli J. and Helen Shaheen Award recipient in the Graduate School's Division of Engineering. Established in 1990, the Shaheen Awards recognize excellence as a graduate student in areas such as grades, research and publications, fellowships and awards, teaching, mentoring, and postgraduate positions. 

Martin, whose graduate research focused on developing individualized predictive modeling to customize prosthetic walking aides, is now an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Penn State, where her team continues to explore the intersection of machine-assisted human mobility with a National Science Foundation grant. This trailblazing work was recently highlighted in Science Magazine (read  the original article here: https://scienmag.com/nsf-grant-provides-next-step-for-assistive-walking-exoskeletons/).
Credits: Science Magazine; Erin Cassidy Hendrick, writer; Tyler Henderson, photographer