PhD Fellow Returns to Chile to Make a Difference

Author: Alexis Palá


Former Kellogg PhD Fellow Alejandro Montecinos is motivated to create change in his native Chile and other developing economies. In January, PhD in hand, he returned to his hometown of Viña del Mar to continue with his research as an assistant professor at the Universidad de Adolfo Ibáñez.

Alejandro Montecinos“I want to improve the quality of life of poor people,” he says. “In Chile there are extremely high levels of income inequality that mask the reality of the true state of development for a large part of the population.”

Impressively, Montecinos completed his PhD in economics a semester early, says Denise Wright, the Institute’s graduate student program coordinator, who calls him “exceptional.” Montecinos was awarded a prestigious Becas Chile Fellowship as well as a Kellogg PhD Fellowship to pursue his graduate studies at Notre Dame. Read the full story from the Kellogg Institute for International Studies.