Two New Master's Degree Programs Launched

Author: Mary Hendriksen

Notre Dame’s Graduate School has launched two new master’s degree programs—one in global health and another in classics. For both, the first class of students will begin in Fall 2011.

Global Health initiative, Haiti 2010

Global Health, Master of Science: Students will engage in classroom and experiential learning to prepare them for roles in improving human health around the world. Consistent with the University of Notre Dame’s Catholic mission, the program will focus on the poor and under-served.

The master’s degree builds on the extensive global health-related science research and training already conducted at the University of Notre Dame through the Eck Institute for Global Health. Students will receive hands-on research, training and service experiences in resource-poor settings that lack basic health resources and services. Through the program, students will receive a professional master’s of science in global health in one calendar year, including course work in bioethics and global health challenges and six to eight weeks field experience. Electives include courses on AIDS, parasitology, human disease, population and disease ecology, and medical microbiology.

The program is accepting applications now on a rolling basis. Apply through the Graduate School website.
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Ancient column

Classics, Master of Arts: Responding to continued student demand for graduate-level courses in the languages and cultures at the foundation of Western civilization, the University of Notre Dame is launching a new master’s degree program in classics.

“A person with our master’s degree will have advanced language training in Greek and Latin and comprehensive knowledge of the Greco-Roman world to apply to a number of different academic disciplines, such as Medieval studies, history, theology, philosophy, art history, literature, even political science,” says Elizabeth Mazurek, associate professor and chair of the Department of Classics.

The program will admit two to three students per year, beginning in fall 2011. Full tuition scholarships and stipends are available, with the application deadline for the first cohort January 15, 2011. Apply through the Graduate School website.
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