Your Research Matters

Mission statement:Your Research Matters. You Matter. Be a force for good.

Vision statement: Demonstrate that together scholarship and wellbeing produce impact.


Strategic Action


Be a Force for Good:

The Graduate School’s conviction that Your Research Matters affirms the vibrant individuality of each graduate student: no one could approach a challenge or elucidate a finding in the exact same way that you will. It also aligns our students’ work with Notre Dame’s greater mission: to contribute positively to our world, whether by trailblazing innovations, pursuing discoveries, or illuminating truth and beauty in new and unique ways.

Notre Dame’s founder, Father Sorin, famously wrote that Notre Dame would be a powerful force for good in the world. We see evidence every day that he was right. Our graduate students and alumni are contributing research that matters in powerful and unique ways, every single day.

Our approach to graduate training entails telling the stories of our community members. We have confidence that their accomplishments will infuse inspiration into the work of our faculty and students as they pursue the dynamic research that occurs in the context of a holistic approach to graduate education. With a robust sense of well-being coupled with the powerful examples of Notre Dame research acting in the world, our students benefit from learning within a community of award-winning scholars, ethical innovators, and current and future leaders. With this apparatus, they have the power to use their graduate education to become a force for good.

The Graduate School offers advanced programs in the colleges of arts and letters, engineering, and science, the Keough School of Global Affairs, and most recently, doctoral programs in the Mendoza College of Business, totaling over 30 departments and programs that offer master’s or doctoral degrees. There are over 2,500 graduate students, from all fifty states and over 100 nations, and more than 200 postdoctoral fellows at Notre Dame. The Graduate School is led by the dean of the Graduate School, who is also a member of the faculty and a vice president and associate provost.  A team of associate deans and a dedicated staff work in partnership with the colleges and departments to prepare students to become future academic or professional leaders, to enter the arena of public discourse on pressing contemporary issues, to contribute to a life-affirming understanding of our world, and to embody the call of our founder Father Sorin to be a force for good.