Your Research Matters

Mission statement:
Your Research Matters. You Matter. Be a force for good.


Our Core Conviction:

The Graduate School at Notre Dame operates from the core conviction that our students' research matters. We attract premier students to top degree programs where they pursue academic excellence augmented by outstanding professional development within a culture of vibrant well-being. By providing students with an environment that tells them you matter, we affirm their potential and orient them toward marshaling their research toward being a force for good.

Be a Force for Good:

The Graduate School’s conviction that Your Research Matters affirms the vibrant individuality of each graduate student: no one could approach a challenge or elucidate a finding in the exact same way that you will. It also aligns our students’ work with Notre Dame’s greater mission: to contribute positively to our world, whether by trailblazing innovations, pursuing discoveries, or illuminating truth and beauty in new and unique ways.

Notre Dame’s founder, Father Sorin, famously wrote that Notre Dame would be a powerful force for good in the world. We see evidence every day that he was right. Our graduate students and alumni are contributing research that matters in powerful and unique.