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When the Graduate School says You Matter, it isn't just a catchy tagline — the mental and physical well-being of our students and postdoctoral scholars is a top priority. Sometimes protecting that well-being means reaching out for help navigating an uncomfortable situation or speaking up to bring discrimination, harassment, or misconduct to light.

Speak Up

Grad Student Reporting Mechanisms
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The University of Notre Dame is deeply committed to ensuring students from all backgrounds can succeed. Here, we strive to foster an inclusive campus environment that embraces the talents and achievements of all individuals regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, age, or genetic information. 

If you are looking for resources to report an issue of discriminatory harassment, sexual harassment, sexual assault or misconduct, dating or domestic violence, stalking, retaliation, or other concerning behavior please go to The University encourages students to report all incidents of bias, discrimination, and/or harassment so that the University can take appropriate action to assist the students involved and improve the campus climate. The course of action taken by the University will depend on the facts and circumstances of each report.


Reopening of Labs

As labs and studios reopen after the hibernation due to COVID-19, we encourage you to report issues or concerns here; you may choose to stay anonymous or provide contact information if you want a reply.

Institutional Equity

To make a report regarding instances of discrimination, harassment or retaliation please use this link to the Office of Institutional Equity.

Graduate School Ombudsperson

John Lubker 51k jpgJohn Lubker, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and designated Graduate School ombudsperson. 574-631-5778

Dr. John Lubker serves as the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. He is also the Graduate School's designated ombudsperson, a role that he has held since 2011.

The Graduate School’s ombudsperson assists graduate students and post-doctoral scholars in resolving a wide range of concerns, problems, and conflicts. The ombudsperson provides a confidential place for individuals to express concerns, identify steps towards problem resolution, and makes referrals to appropriate campus resources. 

The Ombudsperson Can:

  • Listen to you, discuss your concerns, and help you obtain information

  • Identify options in resolving problems and conflicts

  • Answer your questions or refer you to someone who can

  • Explain how University policies and procedures work

  • Help you advocate for the mentoring you desire

  • Coach you on how to handle a problem situation

  • Refer you to the appropriate office should you wish to file a formal complaint

  • Provide guidance to resolve a problem informally

The Ombudsperson Does Not:

  • Provide legal advice

  • Determine guilt of any party in dispute

  • Testify in or participate in formal grievance or legal proceedings with respect to confidential communication

  • Conduct formal investigations

  • Keep records of conversations

Examples of Services Provided:

  • Discuss how to approach a peer who has made an offensive or insensitive comment

  • Help resolve a dispute with an individual or group

  • Assist in deciding how to approach a person who you believe is causing a problem

  • Help if you feel that you have been treated unfairly by anyone on campus

  • Assist when you are uncertain about how University policies and procedures apply to your situation

  • Help you determine which University department or office is appropriate to assist you in handling your problem

  • Mediate among parties to resolve a concern


If you need to get in touch with Dr. Lubker, please contact him at or call 574-631-5778.

University Sexual and Discriminatory Harassment Policy and Procedure Document