Applicant Categories

You may apply for admission to the Graduate School as a degree-seeking or non-degree student.

Degree-Seeking Students

A degree-seeking student is one who is seeking a master’s degree or Ph.D. through one of the Graduate School’s programs. This includes first-time applicants and applicants who are applying for readmission to a program for which they have already been accepted.

Non-Degree Students

Credits earned as a non-degree student may be applied to a degree program if and when a student is admitted to degree-seeking status. Please consult the Graduate Bulletin of Information for more information. Non-degree students may apply as either departmental non-degree students or as unclassified non-degree students.

Departmental non-degree students are typically invited to apply by their department or program of interest. Departmental non-degree students are admitted to a department but are not classified as degree-seeking.

Unclassified non-degree students are admitted to the Graduate School in non-degree status but are not members of a particular department. Such students may take courses in any graduate department, subject to approval by the department.

Notre Dame Employees

A Notre Dame employee seeking to take courses as a non-degree student should not submit an application to the Graduate School. Instead, please consult the Office of Human Resources for registration and enrollment information.