China Scholarship Council

Doctoral applicants admitted to the Graduate School typically receive full funding; Chinese citizens may also benefit from Notre Dame’s relationship with the China Scholarship Council (CSC). If you wish to be considered for additional funding through the CSC, notify us through the online application.

What Is the China Scholarship Council?

The CSC is a non-profit institution with legal person status affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education.

The objective of the CSC is to provide, in accordance with the law, statutes, and relevant principles and policies of China, financial assistance to Chinese citizens wishing to study abroad and to foreign citizens wishing to study in China in order to develop the educational, scientific, technological, and cultural exchanges; to build economic and trade cooperation between China and other countries; to strengthen the friendship and understanding between the Chinese people and the people of all other countries; and to promote world peace and the socialist modernization drive in China.

The CSC is financed mainly by the State’s special appropriations for scholarship programs. The CSC also accepts personal donations and contributions from enterprises, social organizations, and other organizations at home and abroad.

Notre Dame Chinese Student and Scholar Association

The Notre Dame Chinese Students & Scholars Association (WeChat ID: NotreDameCSSA) was founded in 1991 with support from the Consulate General of China in Chicago and Notre Dame International Student Services & Activities (ISSA). It is a non-profit and non-political organization open to all Chinese students and scholars at the University of Notre Dame. The largest foreign students’ and scholars’ club at the University of Notre Dame, the NDCSSA currently hosts more than 400 members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the ND-CSC Joint Scholarship?

  • Currently enrolled master's students and recent graduates (within a year) with a master’s or bachelor’s degree from universities or research institutions in China.
  • Employees of administrative agencies, research institutions, businesses, or public institutions in China. Applicants must have a bachelor's degree or above.
  • Currently enrolled students in a master’s program in universities outside China, recent graduates (within a year) with a master’s degree from universities outside China (not including those who have returned to China), or self-financed first-year PhD students outside China. 

All applicants must be under 35 years of age and must have have received an offer of admission from Notre Dame.

Are students funded by the CSC required to return to China?

Yes. Students receiving the CSC scholarship are required to return to China for two years upon graduation. An agreement will be signed between the student and CSC, with their home university in China as guarantor before the student goes abroad. Students will need to work in China for two years after completion of their course of study and graduation from the host university (Notre Dame).

Can I delay my return date?

Yes, upon approval by the CSC, graduates who have been awarded a postdoctoral appointment may delay their return for up to two years.

Can Notre Dame offer a fellowship to a current ND graduate student from China?

Yes. Current students at Notre Dame can apply for the CSC scholarship through the Chinese consulate in Chicago if they are currently enrolled in the final year of a master’s program.

Are there any CSC restrictions regarding a scholarship recipient’s program of study?

No. Eligible applicants to any Notre Dame doctoral program can apply for CSC funding.

What is the application process like?

Applicants in 2022 must complete the application for CSC funding by March 31. Please refer to the CSC website for an introduction of the CSC scholarship program with high-ranking universities and required application materials for overseas applicants or domestic applicants.

An introduction to the CSC-ND scholarship can be found at (in Chinese) by selecting “USA” and “PhD student.”

When will CSC notify students of the award?

Students should log in to their CSC account at the end of May to review the results. CSC will not send email notifications to applicants.

How much is the CSC funding?

CSC funding is $1,900-$2,000 per month (for four years) during the period the student resides within the US. If the student is away from the US for more than one month, he/she needs to report to the Chicago consulate to determine whether or not the stipend for that month can be provided. The amount will remain the same in the near future.

Are Notre Dame departments and faculty obligated to provide funding in addition to the CSC scholarship?

No. It is up to the departments or faculty to decide whether or not to provide additional funding to students.

Will the spots not filled in one year roll over to the next year?

No. The funding supports up to 20 scholarships each year.

What is the deadline to accept or decline an offer of admission to Notre Dame?

Most schools, including Notre Dame, are bound by the CGS Agreement, which states that applicants have until April 15 to respond to an admission offer with funding. If you change your mind after April 15 the agreement explains what you need to do to be able to accept a different offer. We will leave your offer open after the 15th of April since we know that CSC will not respond until late May.

Is there anything I should pay particular attention to during my application for CSC funding?

Yes. Please indicate on your application that you are applying for the “China Scholarship Council – The University of Notre Dame Joint Scholarship Program.”

The application must be completed by March 31. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.


Whom should students contact at CSC for more details?

Please refer first to the list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) for applicants on the CSC website (in Chinese).

If you have additional questions for CSC, please contact:

Ms. JING Meng
Project Officer

Division of American and Oceanian Affairs
China Scholarship Council  
Level 13, Building A3  
No. 9 Chegongzhuang Avenue
Beijing 100044  
P. R. China

Office:  + 86-10-66093949


Whom should students contact at Notre Dame if they have further questions about the ND-CSC Joint Scholarship Program?

Miranda Ma (Email:
Advisor for Asia Programs
ND International
100 Main Building
University of Notre Dame

John Lowery, Ph.D. (Email:
Recruitment Strategies Program Director
The Graduate School
117 Bond Hall
University of Notre Dame