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Professionalize your passion

Your Research Matters Graduate Training Model Final 202k jpgYour Research Matters, You Matter

We believe the optimal career pursues research that matters while nourishing personal passions and professional fulfillment. That's why we invest time and resources to help you identify, pursue, and excel in exciting careers that will engage expertise and offer holistic satisfaction. After all, a job is not merely an operation of the mind, but one of the heart and spirit, too.

Our commitment to professionalization is spearheaded through the Office of Graduate Career Services (GCS). Staffed by a team of discipline-specific career consultants, GCS provides one-on-one consultations, workshops, resume reviews, interview prep, and more. Students also benefit from being within a like-minded campus community of scholars determined to be forces for good in the world outside of Notre Dame. Through initiatives like Irish Compass and the Idea Center's McCloskey Business Competition, students pursue professional development in the context of interdisciplinary partnerships with fellow students who may someday be colleagues and teammates in professional spheres.

As students discern careers that will enable them to share research discoveries with communities beyond Notre Dame, the Graduate School maintains its emphasis on integrative professionalization, in confidence that our students will someday be called upon to teach new generations, exemplify ethics that maintain public trust, engage synergistically in teamwork efforts, and serve as leaders in their fields—to be forces for good in the world.

Graduate Career Services (GCS)

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The Office of Graduate Career Services complements the expertise development students receive in their degree programs by helping them identify, pursue, and excel in exciting careers. Contact Graduate Career Services to learn about the resources they offer, from one-on-one consultations and mock interviews to career fair preparation and graduate student business cards.


An initiative supported by Notre Dame's Alumni Association, IrishCompass is the University's official online community for networking, mentorship, and career discernment. Through IrishCompass, current students have the opportunity to connect with Notre Dame alumni, schedule mentorship phone calls to learn about specific industries, and peruse a privately job board featuring employers eager to hire Notre Dame grads.

Idea Center

The IDEA Center is a collaborative hub dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship. It provides space, services, and expertise for students and faculty to pursue creative and technological advances, commercial application of academic ideas, business formation, prototyping, and entrepreneurial education.

McCloskey Business Plan Competition

Spearheaded by the Idea Center and the Mendoza College of Business, the McCloskey Business Plan Competition invites students to develop business plans and compete for substantial funding packages and expert support for creative and profitable visions. 

Center for Study of Languages and Culture (CSLC) 

As job seekers with academic backgrounds face increasingly global demands, we are committed to empowering grad students to compete in an international job market and contribute versatile talents free from language barriers. The CSLC enables students to hone linguistic abilities while engaging in multicultural communities of fellow scholars and friends.