Thrive in your environment

Your Research Matters Graduate Training Model Final 202k jpgYour Research Matters, You Matter

Pursuing graduate work at Notre Dame means being part of an environment that is unique among peer institutions. Here, Your Research Matters. But you matter, too. 

We understand that students who are supported not just intellectually, but physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually possess greater potential to discover, innovate, and illuminate. We want to empower you to conduct research not simply with academic excellence, but with creativity, passion, and enthusiasm, too.

Our commitment to well-being is upheld through the strategic partnership of several campus entities. The initiative is spearheaded by Graduate Student Life, a division of Student Affairs that provides programming and resources for students to form bonds with peers, maintain positive mental health, and enjoy the South Bend community. It involves, as well, efforts from the McDonald Center for Student Well-Being, the University Counseling Center, and more.

Underscoring our dedication to graduate student well-being and its positive effect on research accomplishments is our commitment to fostering intellectual community, wherein students engage in dynamic relationships that strengthen academic discovery and community ties.

The Graduate School Be Well Fund

The Be Well Fund provides funding to Notre Dame graduate students and postdocs to participate in a wide variety of enriching and entertaining experiences that focus on your wellness.

Graduate Student Life

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Graduate Student Life is at the nexus of our initiative to make sure you form friendships, connect with the University, and thrive while at Notre Dame. Directed by Mimi Beck, Graduate Student Life provides an abundance of resources to help grad students take advantage of the community's offerings, from a weekly curated email listing events and entertainment, to funding packages that empower grad students to have adventures in South Bend. Visit their website to learn more about how Graduate Student Life can help you flourish at Notre Dame.

McDonald Center for Student Well-Being ("McWell")

The Rev. James E. McDonald, C.S.C. Center for Student Well-Being ("McWell") provides a variety of resources to support holistic student wellness. From substance abuse risk reduction to mindfulness series to sleep improvement toolkits (with help from Dr. Jessica Payne, Notre Dame's resident sleep expert), McWell is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyle choices among the student body. Grad students especially enjoy McWell's restorative spaces, like the Fort and Living Room.

University Counseling Center 

The University Counseling Center (UCC), accredited by the International Association of Counseling Services, Inc., provides confidential short-term counseling and crisis intervention services to eligible Notre Dame students and consultation and outreach services to members of the Notre Dame community. The Counseling Center is housed in Saint Liam Hall, which is the home for University Health Services.


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Resources for Wellbeing

The Inclusive Graduate Education Network (IGEN) provides these helpful resources for supporting graduate student wellbeing.

Graduate Student Government 

Comprised of elected student representatives, the Graduate Student Government works to improve graduate students' quality of life through a variety of efforts including conference travel funding, convening an annual Graduate Research Symposium, hosting events, fostering interdisciplinary and community connections, and serving as student advocates to the administration. 

Graduate Student, Spouse, and Significant Other Network

A family out for a walk 212k jpgFamily time: an important part of graduate studies

Students' families and significant others play an important role in graduate student success. The Graduate Student, Spouse, and Significant Other Network provides a supportive space for family members and helps foster interdisciplinary and community connections.

Campus Ministry

Notre Dame is known for its rich campus ministry tradition. Students of all faith backgrounds are invited to nourish their spiritual and social needs through the events Campus Ministry provides, including over one hundred Mass and worship opportunities on campus per week, fellowship groups, retreats, domestic and international pilgrimages, service opportunities, lectures, and more. Graduate students especially enjoy singing in Notre Dame's various choirs and taking advantage of one-on-one spiritual direction from the University's trained spiritual directors.  

For a full list of Campus Ministry events, please visit their events page.