LASER Application

Submitting an Application

Applications must be received no later than April 1st.

Application materials consist of 1) a four-part cover letter, 2) a CV or resume, and 3) a letter of support from your advisor. Additional details:

  • The cover letter must address the following four topics (Note: all word counts are only approximate guidelines):
    1. Describe an actual experience when you took a significant risk (from your perspective) and failed. What does this story reveal about your character? How would you describe the experience to someone else so that they could benefit from your experience? What is the key lesson that you would pass on to others? (1000 words.)
    2. Describe what you see as the social impact of your particular research area – why it ultimately matters to society, and the stakeholders to whom it matters most. What do you see as the social and ethical opportunity and, if applicable, risks? (500 words.)
    3. Briefly describe how your participation in the program will support your career aspirations, research, and/or service interests. Be as specific as you can about your thoughts and interests. (500 words).
    4. Briefly describe your proposed social engagement or leadership project or opportunity and what your roles and responsibilities will be. (500 words).
  • A current resume or curriculum vitae
  • A letter of support from your advisor
    • This letter should highlight why the applicant is a good fit for a program in leadership and social engagement and how they will benefit from participating. The letter should also confirm that the applicant is in good academic standing, generally meeting academic milestones, and that the applicant’s current program of study allows the time to devote to this leadership experience.

These three pieces (cover letter, CV/resume and advisor letter) should be compiled into a single concatenated PDF document.

If you do not have PDF software, you can use an online service such as SmallPDF to convert to PDF or concatenate multiple PDF files into one file.

Once this document is prepared, simply complete the short Google form and upload it there to apply.

Be sure you are logged in with your ND Google account when accessing the application form!