Internal Funding Opportunities

A number of Notre Dame centers and institutes offer grants for students' research and professional development, as well as conference presentation. Below is a listing of internal funding opportunities for graduate students. If you are seeking funding sources outside of Notre Dame, please consult the Office of Grants and Fellowships.

Graduate School Professional Development Awards (GSPDA)

Please refer to the GSPDA page to learn more about this funding opportunity.

Graduate Student Government

GSG Conference Presentation Grant

  • Students may apply for one conference per year
  • Individual funding is not capped, but only a certain amount is available each month to all applicants
  • Must apply at least one month in advance
  • Funds are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. When funds are exhausted, no more grants will be issued

Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts (ISLA)

Graduate Student Research Awards

  • To be used for research related to student’s dissertation
  • Maximum value is $4,000
  • Application deadlines are in October and March (see the ISLA website for details).

American Dream Summer Grant Program

  • To support research projects on topics exploring the American Dream
  • Maximum value is $4,500
  • Application deadline of early April, for research projects to be conducted during the summer

Kellogg Institute for International Studies

Dissertation Year Fellowship

  • Intended for students to do field research or complete their dissertations
  • Maximum value: equal to the respective department’s academic year stipend for graduate student assistantships
    *Deadline: early March

Ph.D. Fellowship

  • Supplemental award aims to attract outstanding graduate students who have already been offered departmental fellowships in the Anthropology, Economics, History, Political Science, or Sociology departments, or the JSD program in the Law School at Notre Dame. To be eligible, a student must intend to devote their major doctoral field to internation study of the Insitute’s research themes: democracy and human development.
  • Maximum value: $5,000 (to supplement department stipends)
  • Deadline: early March

Graduate Research Grants

  • Used to support students involved primarily in overseas research in international studies
  • Maximum value will not exceed $7,000
  • Intended to fill gaps in support of other funding or enable exploratory trips to strengthen a student’s dissertation proposal
  • Deadline: mid-October and late February

Quechua Summer Language Fellowships

  • To be used for the study of Quechua, the language of the Incas and indigenous peoples in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru
  • Applicants must attend seven-week program, demonstrate interest in Latin American studies and be proficient in Spanish
  • Fellowship covers a small stipend as well as airfare, program fees, room and board and health insurance
  • Deadline: early March
  • For more information about the program, visit

Kellogg Institute Professionalization Grant

  • To be used for professional training to prepare a student to enter the academic workplace
  • For students enrolled in Economics, Political Science, History, Sociology or Theology
  • Students are eligible for one grant per academic year with a limit of two during their graduate school career
  • Maximum value of the grant is $1,500
  • Deadline: Rolling basis – applications should be submitted 3 weeks prior to start of program

Support for Conference Travel

  • To be used for travel to academic conferences to present papers, with requests to participate in other forums to present work also considered
  • Students must be enrolled in a Ph.D. program in Economics, Political Science, History, Philosophy, Sociology or Theology
  • To be awarded only after students have exhausted departmental and Graduate School support
  • Students are eligible for no more than two two award per academic year and three per graduate school career
  • Maximum value of the award is $1,250
  • Deadline: Rolling basis – applications should be submitted three weeks prior to travel

Nanovic Institute for European Studies

Paul G. Tobin Dissertation Fellowship and the Dominica and Frank Annese Fellowship in Graduate Studies

  • Intended to support graduate students writing dissertations on topics related to European studies
  • Maximum value: $18,500
    *Number of awards: 2 Annese, 3 Tobin
  • Deadline: late February

Graduate Travel and Research Grants

  • To support graduate student research on topics in European studies for development or completion of a thesis or dissertation
  • Research is typically conducted during the summer months
  • Number of awards: multiple
  • Maximum value: $2,500
  • Deadline: late February

Graduate Break and Travel Grants

  • Supports graduate research on topics in European studies
  • Funds research trips conducted over fall break, Christmas break, and spring break
  • Maximum value: $6,000 (typically paid as one-time sum)
  • Deadline: early September for fall break trips
    mid-October for Christmas break trips
    late January for spring break trips

Graduate Professional Development Grants

  • Supports opportunities in European studies that enhance graduate students’ professional development
  • Maximum value: $750 for travel in North America; $1,500 for travel to international locations
  • Deadline: early April

Graduate Student Conference Grants

  • Assists in the staging of academic conferences focused on issues of importance to European studies. Conference should take place at Notre Dame’s campus in South Bend.
  • Maximum value: $12,000
  • Number of awards: 3
  • Deadline: early April

Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures

Summer Language Abroad Grant

  • To be used for summer foreign language study abroad
  • Maximum award value is $5,500