Office of Grants and Fellowships

The Graduate School has a proven track record of empowering students to win internal and nationally competitive funding to further support research and professional development endeavors. The Office of Grants and Fellowships helps students identify potential supplemental funding sources and develop competitive applications. Our multidisciplinary support team guides students through the application process, training them to distill their research and communicate its significance to a wide audience. 

News and Events

The Office of Grants and Fellowships offers more than 60 events every year and more than 2500 individual consultations to support graduate students in their pursuit of competitive funding opportunities. Workshops, lecture-based information sessions, round table discussions, and one-on-one support provide small, medium, and large settings for fellowships work. Topics address opportunities and skills relevant to specialists in Humanities, Social Sciences, and STEM fields, from Master's level to PhD completion. View our list of upcoming events to find the best fit for you!

Funding and Award Opportunities

There are different types of funding and awards available to students at all levels of graduate work. These funds may be used towards research, travel abroad, conference participation, language acquisition, and other professional development opportunities, depending on the award.
Typically, grants are awards that provide money to pursue a specific project within a given timeframe. Fellowships offer financial support for a scholar to do his/her work and to grow as a professional in his/her field. Awards recognize the value of a scholar's work, innovation, and academic merit and may or may not have a monetary component.

External Funding

External funding is given by societies, foundations, government agencies, and other entities, and is open to scholars from any institution who are eligible under that funding agency's criteria. Otherwise known as nationally competitive awards, external funding is a way to position yourself as a leading scholar in your field, whether you are just beginning your graduate career, are in dissertation research and writing, or are close to the end of your degree and exploring career options. Explore external opportunities here

Internal Grants

Internal grants, like the GSPDA, are offered through institutes and departments at Notre Dame and are restricted to Notre Dame students only. Explore internal opportunities here

Grant Writing Resources

The Office of Grants and Fellowships offers a number of resources uniquely created and tailored for Notre Dame graduate students to assist with all levels of grant writing and professional development.  

Contact the Team 

Visit the Grants and Fellowships team page to meet our consultants and schedule an appointment.

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