Ryan Karl

Ryan Karl

Richard and Peggy Notebaert Premier Fellowship
Computer Science and Engineering: PhD
What is your research about?

Theoretic/Applied Cryptography and Computer Security.

Do you live on- or off-campus?

Currently live on campus at Fischer Graduate Residences.

To which Notre Dame clubs and/or research organizations do you belong?
  • Catholic Graduate Student Association
  • Graduate Student Union
  • Society of Notebaert Fellows
  • Campus Ministry
  • Notre Dame Linux Users Group
After you graduate, what are your career aspirations?

Interested in researching for a government agency or academic institution.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

When I'm not working, you can usually find me attending on campus concerts and theatrical performances, or cheering on the Fighting Irish Football, Hockey, or Basketball teams to victory. Also, I really enjoy reading for pleasure, and stopping by the Grotto or the Basilica.

How do you practice self-care after a long day at work?

I usually exercise in the Duncan Student Center with friends several times a week, and love to bike/hike around St. Joseph or St. Mary's lake when I have the time.


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